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Firearm Courses
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FL CWFL Class Schedule:

Call or come by to reserve a class.
weekday classes available on request with a minimum of 3 people

What you will need for the class:

Your gun. (preferably the one you plan on carrying.)
Minimum of 25 rounds of ammo.
Eye and Ear Protection.
Drivers license or State Issued ID.

This Class is 3-4 hours.
A $25.00 deposit is required when you pre-register.
The Class fee is $65.00
We accept: Cash, MC/Visa

Confidence-Building Class

Over the years, I have noticed that a lot of concealed weapons carriers do not have the confidence in themselves that they should and almost as bad, they don't have the confidence in their carry pistols that they should. We are considering putting together a "Confidence-building" class.

Too many people think of pistols as strictly short range weapons. Actually, pistols will shoot MUCH farther than most people believe and are much more accurate than most people believe.

It has become almost a rite of passage among the carrying members of the Iron Goat Guns Gun Club to shoot at and hit a shovel head at 100 yards. While it is unlikely that anyone carrying a concealed weapon would have to make a defensive shot at 100 yards, it is not beyond the realm of possibility. Remember the security people who took out an armed shooter using a rifle to shoot Steve Scalise, used handguns.

Let us know if you would be interested in taking such a class. Membership in IGG Gun Club would not be required, but a valid Concealed Weapons License would be required. Class size would be limited to Four persons at the time, fee would be $25 and 100 rounds of ammo would be required as the class moves from close up shooting to distance shooting.

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